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importance of bitcoin


Research and inquiries have made toward the methods of BITCOIN in the world. Bitcoin is one of the best assets in the world that cannot be confiscated by any power or any authority. It is very vital for you to keep your bitcoin secret. Don't allow or tell anybody that you are with bitcoins for this property to hold. Buying your crypto in cash from other customers will limit the possibility of your bitcoin to be connected to your government identity. You can now secure and store the bitcoin without having a phobia for tax evasion, concealing assets in a divorce.


You better understand the fact that buying bitcoin directly from an online exchange market like coinbase is very different from buying from BTM or buying it in person because coinbase will want you to use your digital personality, i.e., they really know who you are, and your bank account is also with them. While BTMs will as well need your identity though you can make up to be another person if you have their ID card with you, i.e., they can identify who the buyer is, but it can only be done with their government ID or with palm print.
But if you pay them, it means that the government ID will not be your digital id. Bitcoin purchasing is the best anonymous process to buy bitcoin in-person.
The danger of connecting or linking your bitcoin acquisition to your identity is that, if you are a crypto seller that permits people to deposit money directly into your bank account, it is risky and it will trouble down the road. Gavin Wood who created Ethereum has noticed it out the robust way as the FinCEN enquired him for money launder. Now let look into the uses of bitcoin.
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It can be used in making donations to entities in which the government will not like. Bitcoin can also be used to buy goods and also gambling in jurisdictions which are not acceptable by the government.
it can use in hiding some assets from spouse and also purchase services that the government loath. Bitcoin can also be used to transfer assets from one country to the other like the Chinese purchasing mining materials to exchange fiat into bitcoin.


Most of the large and small retailers are not accepting CRYPTOCURRENCY as a medium for payment. Many people prefer to hold part of their wealth in security stored bitcoin in which the central authority cannot wedge entrée.
Bitcoin has pseudonymous features, i.e., bitcoin member can be seen with public keys instead of identified by their real-world identities. For some people, this process gives a craving or desired level of privacy that most of the traditional digital payment system do not. This situation happens in a place where many people are taking off from abusive partners and working outside the jail of oppressive governments. But unfortunately, there is the existence of flipside in the privacy, so the capability for bitcoin is helps in the wrong and criminal reasons.

how to buy bitcoin

the most easiest way to purchase bitcoin (read up)

it is important to read up the most easiest way to purchase bitcoin (read up). Before you can be able to purchase bitcoin, you have to download bitcoin wallet by simple accessing sites like BLOCKCHAIN.INFO, or you can as well get it on mobile application like bitcoin wallet for android device or blockchain wallet for iOS, and you have to fill in some online form which some crucial details, the filling of form might not even take you up to two minutes. Signing up a bitcoin wallet is the first step to become a CRYPTOCURRENCY trader. While signing up, it will look like internet banking software in which some traditional commercial use customers.
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traditional payment

Then, when you are done with signing up to a bitcoin wallet, you have to make use of traditional payment system like using a debit card to purchase bitcoin on bitcoin exchange, using credit can. You can as well use bank transfer to do any transaction. After that, the bitcoin is then conveyed to your bitcoin wallet. Note that the existing of the above payment process is subjected to the place of jurisdiction and exchange chosen.
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Bitcoin exchange and bitcoin wallet do not need to be the same because bitcoin exchange is like forex exchanges, i.e., a place where you can purchase and trade bitcoin for fiat currency. While bitcoin wallet offers wallet capabilities to their users, though it is not their primary business since bitcoin wallet need to be kept well safe and protected. Exchange doesn't allow the keeping of bitcoin for a considerable amount or a very long period. Thereby, it is advisable that you convey your bitcoin to a well safe and secured wallet, frequently go for those with the multi-signature facility. There are multiple of well set up institutes for exchanges that perform as the one-stop solution by giving an excellent security standard and reporting. Assiduousness needs to be exercised when you are selecting a bitcoin exchange or wallet.
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You should have it in mind that bitcoin wallet is meant for your private key and not for storing or keeping bitcoin. The statement saying that bitcoin has been held in the portfolio is very wrong. Bitcoin is not meant to be saved anyplace instead the bitcoin balance is intended to be kept using private and public keys that are full of numbers and letters connected through the encryption algorithm which has been used to create them. The public keys that are analogous to bank account number function as the address issued to the whole world and which others can send or transfer bitcoin.

private key

The private key which is similar to the ATM pin need to be secured, protected and secret and should only be used to the official bitcoin transmissions. Some other safeguards for bitcoin wallet are, securing the wallet with a sturdy pin or password with uppercase and lowercase words. If it is coinbase, they will give a well protected multisig vault in other to host your keys that you can quickly sign up for.
As a bitcoin customer, you are allowed to use bitcoin with the private key to buy goods and services and send money to your family and friends.

how to store bitcoin


I will guide you properly on how to store your bitcoin safely. You should be able to understand the fact by now that cryptocurrency is not bucks. You are well accounted for the safety of your bitcoin and it will be prudent if you learn HOW TO STORE YOUR BITCOIN SAFELY today. Believe me that no one will even be capable of helping you out if you do anything wrong with your bitcoin, even Donald Trump will not be able to help you. But if you appropriately do things and rightfully secure your money, then I don't see any tendency of anyone scamming you. Remember not to give anybody your private key.


I will recommend you not to use any of these wallets, like, coinbase, and others which are online web wallets because they are wallets that keep their private key on their servers and also enhance you on HOW TO STORE YOUR BITCOIN SAFELY. You should not also make use of any hot wallets. That is, applications on your system or cell phones that make use of the internet connection because they can be able to make payments but they can't be used to store money.
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I will recommend you to make use of cold storage that is in the context of bitcoin that can be used in keeping a reserve of bitcoin offline. There are diverse methods of cold storage which comprises storing bitcoins on the USB drive or any other storage media. Bitcoin can also be kept on a paper wallet, bearer items like physical bitcoin and also making use of offline bitcoin hardware wallet. It will be prudent if you understand my scheme with these basic rules.

Produce a bootable USB flash drive which will contain stable encrypted storage. I think that making use of tails will be prudent because it includes electrum which is bitcoin wallet and also encryption in the box. Create strong two passwords with uppercase and lowercase words for your login and encryption. You can watch the video on youtube for better understanding.
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cold wallet

Then make a cold wallet well loaded with Tails that has no internet connection but a cool wallet with Electrum. Create a very tough and complex password and note down twelve to thirteen words on a sheet of paper. Remember that those seeds are your own money, these twelve letter words will enable you to recover access to the wallet from any computer in prospect. You have to click on view transaction before you sign in.
Click on create watch only wallet located in the primary OS or Android phone. You can then create watch just wallet by making use a public address or any public app that you prefer on your android phone or OS. To simplify it, in electrum, you have to follow these steps; firstly create a new wallet, then choose a standard wallet. Select " use public or private keys" then paste your public key to the next window. As you can see, now you can view your bitcoin balance and generate a new address from the public key but can't spend the bitcoin. I will write on how to spend your bitcoin in a secured way in my next post. Remember to protect your private key with a robust and hard password.
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all you need to know about insurance

meaning of insurance

We all might have been hearing of coverage in our everyday life; people get confused on the meaning of insurance while some neglect it. But protection is so significant in our daily life, whether you have a company or not.
Let first look into the full meaning of insurance: it is merely defined as a guard of resources against loss. It helps in risk management or unsure loss. An entity that gives the guarantee is known only as the insurer, insurance carrier or an underwriter, but the usually used word is an INSURER.
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Insurance deal involves the insured presumptuous on guaranteed and known comparatively little disadvantage as a method of paying to the insurer to get access for reimbursement toward loss. The damage can be in finance or material. It depends but it must be reducible to financial terms and usually involves something in which the insured has an insurable interest customary by ownership, possession or preexisting relationship.
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The insurer charged the quantity of money to the insured for the coverage outlined in the insurance policy is called the PREMIUM. If the insurer notices any form of loss, he has to go to the insurance company if the insurance policy thoroughly covers he/she and present a claim to the insurer to process the CLAIM ADJUSTER. The insurer may hedge its own risk by taking out what is known as REINSURANCE whereby a different insurance company agrees to carry some of the risks, especially if the primary insurer deems the risk too significant to move by them alone.
Let look into the origin of insurance, as we all know today of property insurance can be traced to the enormous fire of London, which in 1666 devoured new 13000 houses.


The insurance policy was taken as early in the 18th century. Establish in London in the year 1706 by a man known as WILLIAM TALBOT and SIR THOMAS ALLEN. Then in the behind schedule of the 19th century, accident insurance began to become accessible. While the first company to offer the accident insurance was the Railway Passengers Assurance Company created in the year 1848 in England to put an end to the growing number of fatalities on the nascent railway system.
Central beliefs of insurance companies require pooling funds from many insured entity known as an exposure to make payment for damages incurred. The insured entities are therefore secluded from risk for a free, with the fee being needy. The risk insured must meet certain uniqueness.
Insurance as a financial go-between is a commercial enterprise and a significant part of the financial services industry, but individual entities can also self-insure through saving money for possible future losses. When a company insures a single entity, there are fundamental legal requirements and regulations. Several commonly cited legal principles of insurance which includes: indemnity, benefits insurance, insurable interest, utmost good faith, contribution, proximate cause, and mitigation.
I will still write about these legal principles. Also, the risk which can be insured by private companies typically shares seven ordinary distinctiveness which includes: a large number of similar exposure units, definite loss, accidental loss, significant loss, affordable premium, calculable loss, limited risk of disastrously substantial losses. Though I will soon write in details of all the insurability.
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We have many methods of applying for insurance but am going to list out the most important ones for now. They are:
Co-insurance; it merely means risk been shared by two or more insurers.
2. Dual-insurance; it is having two or more policies with many coverages of a threat both the person policies would not pay discretely
3. Self-insurance; it means where risk is not transferred to insurance companies and solely sustain by the entities or individuals themselves.
4. Reinsurance; situations when the insurer passes some parts of or all risks to another insurer, called the reinsurer.
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about health insurance


We all know that help is wealth. Without health, all our effort will be in vain. Therefore, care must be taken properly. Let's take a look at the meaning of health insurance: it is all or part of a person's risk with respect to all his medical expenses, the extent of the risk to a large number of people. it will be prudent if you look into the meaning of insurance HERE It is also the coverage that provides the payment of earnings as a result of an illness or injury. The contract between the source of insurance and an individual is one of the health insurance policies. Individual duties or an obligation may be the amount that the insured or his support pay to the health policy.


countries like USA, people pay cash and prescription drugs covered in the plan form. Such plans are usually part of the program.
There, the private health care system is funded by several private health insurance organizations. Even a personal health insurance ombudsman runs a free website that allows consumers to search and compare private health insurers. His leadership has made to encourage adults to take out private hospital insurance. What it includes Lifetime medical coverage, Medicare supplement and reimbursement of private health insurance.


In Canada, health care is completely the reliability of the Canadian government. Even in France, health insurance immediately introduced World War II in 1945. It was a compromise between Gaullists and communist representatives under the French parliament. The French government has two main tasks, first, to establish the rate at which medical expenses should be negotiated. The second responsibility is to check health insurance funds to make sure they are properly organizing the amounts they receive.


In Germany, 85% of its total population is covered by a basic health insurance plan under the statute. The French government partially reimburses the cost for low-income workers, whose premium is limited to a previously agreed value.


Let's take a look at the past of health insurance. The Health Insurance Act was created which introduced the health insurance required for workers. Additional health can be based on a particular system based on formal law. Based on the principle of compulsory solidarity and membership, the calculation of rates differs from private health insurance.
The UK National Health Service is a public-funded healthcare system that provides coverage for all people who normally reside in the United Kingdom. The cost is not prepaid for a group. No premium is charged, and costs are not charged at the patient level. Keep in mind that there is a treatment that the private sector does not provide. Treatments such as health insurance during pregnancy.
It is not covered or covered by restrictive clauses. Remember that full health insurance pays a percentage of the cost of hospital and medical expenses after deducting or co-payment. While planned health insurance plans are not intended to replace a traditional global health insurance plan and are more a basic policy that provides access to daily medical care.
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what are the cost of car insurance

what are the cost of vehicle insurance

what are the cost of vehicle insurance? The question is not easy to answer, but am going to make everything clear to you. However, anyone who pays much less or more than $815 a year can tell you his or her experience. Some factors are as well considered, factors like where you live and what kind of car you drive, it's important to mention one thing you can always do to save some money.

factors to consider

Your age, sex, marital status, and location all weigh heavily on how much your vehicle insurance will be. this is due to that the insurance company has lots of information guiding them toward your insurance policy. Locations have an impact to play on your car insurance rates. States that regulate car insurance can have a significant effect. In the USA, Michigan is the most expensive state regarding vehicle insurance according to research. While Montana comes in second.


You will pay more in an area where there are too many populations because you are prone to accidents in those areas, so vehicle insurance is needed. Also, areas that are prone and exposed to natural disasters are to pay more than that area that is free from catastrophes like erosion and earthquake. So it is essential to have in mind that where you are living has a significant impact to play in life insurance. So before you relocate or move to any city better consider the cost of all insurance in that region.


Also, the car that you drive has a significant impact to play in the cost of car insurance. So whenever you want to purchase a vehicle always remember to consider the speed of the car, because of the more the speed of the vehicle the more the cost of the car insurance increases. Because cars that move at a higher rate is more prone to accident. If you want to save your cost in vehicle insurance, you can as well consider buying or purchasing a second hand or already used cars. Protection focused equipment can also save you some cash. Too, the way that you drive can affect the rate you pay in car insurance. If you are a reckless driver that operates at high speed that means that your standard of vehicle insurance must increase because you are prone to accident.
So I will advise you to lower your rate and save yourself from high cost in car insurance because you will be penalized for high speed and be awarded of low gear. So be very wise. Also how frequent you use your car also matters because if you use your car more often that means you will pay higher than those that don't use their car frequently. This is applicable to those that use their car once in a blue moon. Also if you always pack your cars along the road and if your car is still dusty, that means that your rate of car insurance will as well be increased.
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importance of car insurance


We all know that cars are now very expensive; therefore, it must be adequately addressed. More than anything else, it is necessary to maintain car insurance to remain legal to drive. Why is car insurance so important? Most drivers understand the importance of car insurance, but some newer drivers may not have the idea. If you have an accident without vehicle insurance, you may have to pay huge penalties, including invoices for damage caused. I have written in detail the meaning of vehicle insurance, so you should read it HERE


Vehicle insurance is there to protect other drivers about the damage they cause. It is almost certain that your car insurance policy includes a civil liability for personal injury. Having coverage to keep other people's property and medical expenses are vital for your financial protection. Otherwise, you may be sued for damages that could generate additional costs for you.


Vehicle insurance will pay to destroy everything that is not a collision. Includes, among other things, deer, glass damage, fire destruction and theft and damage caused by storms. It is also worth it when you damage the vehicle in the event of a collision, or with another vehicle, the insurance policies also offer many types of optional coverage that can also be viable, so they tend to cover the dollar amount requests, which leads to being less important. Remember that every car or automobile insurance policy has its place in specific policies. Everything depends on the driver and what is your hope for politics. It is essential to reduce the cost of your insurance by cutting coverage.


Remember that your region or the country where your car is driven has been well thought out in taking life insurance. The amount of car insurance you must carry at least in each vehicle varies in the countries. Some countries sometimes order what type of car insurance is required. In some states, you only need responsibility, while other states may even demand more, as you do not expect. All drivers must realize that in many states. If authorities stop you and prepare it excluding the vehicle insurance which confiscated on the spot. Some countries have found that it is illegal for the police to allow them to continue driving when they know they do not have the right car insurance.
Another good thing about having vehicle insurance is that it protects you from personal liability in the event of an accident. You must follow the legal requirements; This is the most important reason why you need car insurance. If you have a car accident and you are losing yourself, you can take care of the cost of medical expenses if the person is injured and monetary damage if a person is killed. Finally, depending on the type of car insurance you have, your vehicle can be repaired or replaced that way, saving you the expense of your pocket.
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